Investors have different strategies that range from maximizing free cash flow to tax minimization. Whether acquiring a property with a credit-tenant or repositioning an asset that requires a greater deal of flexibility, we work with investors to understand their goals and find lenders that have a proven track record of executing on those needs. There are recourse options available depending on the overall characteristics of the credit request which may include: full, limited, prorata, and non-recourse.

Core Offerings

Owner Occupied

51% or greater of the property will be occupied by the owner of the property.

Stabilized Investment

Source of repayment for the loan is rents received by tenants of the property.

Construction & Renovation

New project or repositioning an existing project.

Bridge Financing

Repositioning or waiting for property to lease up fully before going to the permanent market or other take-out source.

Interest Only

Maximizing free cash flow is important to many investors. The absence of principal payments can increase cash on cash returns and/or acquire other assets.


Guidance lines or construction loans for spec and development projects.

Asset Classes

  • Industrial/Flex

  • Self Storage

  • Multi-family

  • Office

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Special purpose properties(car washes, funeral homes, car dealerships, etc).

Our Approach


Spend time up front understanding what is most important to a client with their financing request. The discovery process is the most important part of the process, because I only am able to work with clients who I can help based on my skills and experience. If something is outside my capabilities, I recommend them to the best available resource.


Gather financial information to perform a complete quantitative and qualitative analysis. Depending on the scope of the engagement, that data is compared with current economic, industry and market data as appropriate.


Develop a confidential, professional presentation to share with lenders who have proven experience with executing on similar requests. This creates a healthy competition to drive out the best possible options given the stated client goals.This process is not a blind email blast out to 50 lenders, but rather a targeted approach using my 20 plus years of experience and relationships with lenders in-market and across industry verticals.


Review the draft proposals received by lenders with our client and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. We may clarify aspects of a proposal with a lender to see where there is flexibility with certain aspects of the structure. Understanding the details of each request is important to prevent unwelcome surprises.