Every business and situation is unique. Some business owners are in a strong financial position while others may be experiencing financial distress, but borrowing money at a favorable cost with maximum flexibility is important to all businesses. We provide clients the reassurance that they can accomplish this goal while staying focused on running their company.

Core Offerings

Working Capital

There can be a range of options along the continuum of working capital products, which may include: traditional bank lines of credit, asset based lending, accounts receivable financing, factoring and purchase order financing.


There are over 3,000 bank and non-bank lenders in the US administering multiple SBA programs. Many lenders have a targeted transaction type or industry focus. Financing can be used for a variety of purposes to include real estate acquisition, partner buy-outs, business acquisitions, capital expenditures, working capital, start-ups and even export finance.


Knowing your options when you are modeling an acquisition can have a make or break impact on your hurdle rate. In addition to SBA financing, there is traditional bank financing as well as nonbank lenders that offer subordinate debt and mezzanine debt to shore up a transaction.

Capital Expenditures

Whether it is a one time purchase or you are seeking a guidance line for recurring annual purchases, you have many options of how you finance rolling stock and equipment.

Our Approach


Spend time up front understanding what is most important to a client with their financing request. The discovery process is the most important part of the process, because I only am able to work with clients who I can help based on my skills and experience. If something is outside my capabilities, I recommend them to the best available resource.


Gather financial information to perform a complete quantitative and qualitative analysis. Depending on the scope of the engagement, that data is compared with current economic, industry and market data as appropriate.


Develop a confidential, professional presentation to share with lenders who have proven experience with executing on similar requests. This creates a healthy competition to drive out the best possible options given the stated client goals.This process is not a blind email blast out to 50 lenders, but rather a targeted approach using my 20 plus years of experience and relationships with lenders in-market and across industry verticals.


Review the draft proposals received by lenders with our client and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. We may clarify aspects of a proposal with a lender to see where there is flexibility with certain aspects of the structure. Understanding the details of each request is important to prevent unwelcome surprises.